Client and student projects:


These are digital marketing projects undertaken by Jayon Inc on behalf of various clients.

Tai Tong Ah
Tai Tong Ah (大东亚) manufactures high quality traditional Chinese medicinal products under the “Double Prawn” (双虾标) brand.

The JADE Studio
A company providing quality translation and other language services to agencies and clients.

Lingzi Media
A subscription based, Netflix-style digital reading platform in support of Chinese language teaching in primary and secondary schools in Singapore.

A one-stop, fully integrated medical centre specialised in preventing and managing chronic illnesses.

What Our Clients Say

Student Projects

These are projects undertaken by students and entrepreneurs mentored by Dr KF Lai.

An Indonesian online marketplace that enables independent creators to sell customised print-on-demand merchandise for their fans.

Mini Star
Located in bustling Geyland, a pioneer in offering authentic Stinky Tofu and Hong Kong cuisines to adventurous gourmets. 

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