Digital Media Marketing

Course Objective

This course is an executive primer on digital marketing. It prepares participants with a foundational understanding of marketing in the digital age. Students will learn how marketing concepts, market analysis and consumers’ behaviour are impacted by shifting technology and media landscape. The course will cover fundamental concepts in branding, search engine, social media, storytelling, display, re-targeting and related areas. Case studies and hands on experience will be provided. At the end of the course, students will be better equipped to deliver coherent digital marketing strategies.

Learning Outcome

The course is designed for participants who aspire to initiate, manage and execute marketing program of start-ups and companies. It will provide students with a solid foundation for further self-learning and to embark on a career in digital marketing.  Participants will exit the course with understanding in

  1. Business model canvas, innovation and marketing for businesses in the digital age
  2. Search engine and social media marketing
  3. Storytelling techniques
  4. Branding, public relation and crisis management
  5. Important digital marketing concepts, including display advertising, retargeting, programmatic and fraud
  6. Relevant case studies and hands on experience

Students will apply the concepts learned in a class project to formulate and deliver a digital marketing campaign for a target of their choice.

Course Organization

The course is run over 4 sessions over 2-4 weeks. Important concepts will be covered in the classes. Students will be given hands-on project and assignments to deepen their understandings in the subjects.

Project Component

Student will pick a real-life marketing project, formulate and execute a digital marketing campaign. covering the following areas:

  1. 4Ps (Product, Price, Place & Promotion) of marketing
  2. Defining target audience
  3. Crafting marketing message and validating with target audience
  4. KPIs and channel selection (eg. Google keyword selections & marketing plan, Facebook editorial calendar & marketing plan, etc.)
  5. Marketing campaign planning and execution
  6. Analysis and optimization

Offered by Strategic Technology Management Institute, National University of Singapore. Part of SkillsFuture Series & Professional Certificate in Business Owners Management Programme.

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